The Sacrament (dir. Ti West)

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ti West’s “The Sacrament” is about Jonestown. It may take place in present day and be a faux documentary about Vice reporters, but the film otherwise mirrors everything that happened with Jim Jones and his cult’s mass suicide. I’m not entirely sure why West made the film. It doesn’t seem to have a purpose or a message. I think West just wanted to make a horror film about Jonestown. As far as that goes, the film is quite good. The only drawback is, really, if you are at all familiar with Jonestown, the film loses its suspense because you pretty much know everything that is going to happen. The film does have a really good build up, some incredibly tense scenes, and some very disturbing imagery. The Vice quasi-found-footage thing works pretty well, for the most part, in adding an extra layer of cleverness to the proceedings. The film is ultimately very good, but its seeming lack of a reason for existing other than to recreate a horrific event very well holds it back from greatness. B+


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